About Us

Makanda Trading Co. was created in 2001, on the historic Makanda Boardwalk, down town Makanda Illinois.  M.T.C. is an international store, carrying items such as silver jewellery, incense, rocks and collectable minerals, beads and many gift items.   M.T.C. has two major goals in operation.  First and foremost is to promote fair and level trade among all people of this planet in every day business. The owner has personally travelled to 50 countries and always tries to buy direct from local street and folk artists. One of the main goals is connecting world cultures and people through art, spiritualism and diversity.

Makanda Trading Company, collects and distributes donations to Mexico, Peru, India, Bali or any number of countries, including local charities.

The second goal of MTC is to bring variety and choice to Southern Illinois. In a world of increasingly limited retail options due to mega marts.   M.T.C. brings back the small business attitude and personal touch that has faded in recent years, small business also allows for options and choices that mega marts do not offer.  Choice is back in the hands of the consumer!  The shop seconds as a mineral and curiosity museum, with a story or explanation for almost every item in the collection.  Many stones and minerals also have metaphysical properties as well as their practical application in industry, all in which are quite interesting.