Metaphysical properties found on this site are for entertainment purposes only.

All sales are final except in case of damage on delivery.

Refunds due to damage during shipping must be reported within 10 days of purchase or refunds will not be issued.  Sorry for any inconvenience, this policy is in place to reduce fraud and keep prices at there lowest for everyone.

Makanda Trading Company, does not produce, fabricate, size or repair jewelry or silver work therefore we can not be held responsible for the construction, durability or longevity of such items.

Makanda Trading Company reserves the right to correct any pricing errors located on this web site and in store errors.

We do not offer back orders.  (The nature of our products are one of a kind and hand made.)

Prices indicated do not include shipping, shipping fees are assessed in the on-line shopping cart.

All taxes, sales or otherwise are included in pricing, if none are due pricing will reflect such situations as permitted by law.

Sorry some items may not be available at time of purchase, due to physical sales in-store.  All in store sales will be posted to internet as soon as possible, and products removed.  All funds will be returned in full to your paypal account if product has already sold in-store, sorry for any inconvenience.

Occasionally sale items such as jewelry will be displayed and photographed on a stone or other background for display, in none of these instances are the backdrops or display items included in the price for sale items.  All items for sale are individual and will not be combined unless otherwise stated.  Thank you.